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Be better than you've ever been by eating 4P. 

I am loving this. I have noticed a huge difference for myself since tweaking our meals for performance!!


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Eating was a “gateway” to other little habits to improve performance.


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“You have the power to turn every meal into an extraordinary win.”

– Pearle, sports dietitian and founder

What makes Eat This for Performance so different?

The ET4P approach is revolutionary because it teaches you to stop resisting poor food choices and instead, invites you and your family to eat food for its POWERS. Thousands of families have elevated their energy levels eating the Eat This for Performance foods. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to enroll in our Confident Athlete course and join our online community.

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We know how hard it is to eat well and have helped hundreds of individuals and families to put performance foods in their diet. And when you learn how to eat for performance, your confidence goes through the roof around food, your energy levels soar, and those who surround you will notice a difference.

The Confident Athlete Course is taught by Pearle Nerenberg, creator of the ET-4P framework. Pearle has studied performance eating for decades both as an elite athlete and an alum of the prestigious Cornell University nutrition program, the McGill University masters training in human nutrition, and the International Olympic Committee’s diploma in advanced sports nutrition. She has co-authored 2 books on sports nutrition and has consulted with hundred of athletes and active families on how to eat for performance. The ET-4P framework was created to simplify the advanced sports nutrition information into 4 actionable steps anyone can take to eat and perform better.

In the 25 short video Confident Athlete course, you will: 1. Learn a simple list of foods that highlights a food for its powers. You will completely understand how to energize your activity better, build muscle better, and how to view vegetables like the Superfood powerhouses they are. 2. See how this formula has been used in some of the most difficult and time-crunched scenarios and 3. Apply this framework to your lunchbox and your pre-game meal. The Confident Athlete will help you make food choices that lead to Champion performances.

The athlete needs it to be SIMPLE, “Just tell me what to eat!” If we make food complicated we are leading our athletes to make mistakes that the science says will hurt performance, not help performance. Once you eat for performance, you will gain the confidence to use science to your advantage. Athletes that eat for performance win. Purchase the Confident Athlete today and spend 5 minutes a day for 25 days with Pearle Nerenberg. Why? Because powerful clarity around sports nutrition will not happen until you take the first steps.




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