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Food that matches your movement, can spark your passion and create a high-level performance. If you believe that a full life is one lived with soul-bursting energy levels, then join me in my journey to enlighten you using sound science and a big love of food.

My first gift to you is a jumping off point for integrating sports nutrition into your life. Simply eat 90% of your diet from the Eat 4 Performance foods list. First, get the list, then start eating for performance, and see how quickly your energy will soar!


Pearle Nerenberg
Sports Dietitian & founder of Eat This 4 Performance

The guide to sports nutrition for hockey players is back in a new updated version!

“My passion for performance started in hockey” Pearle Nerenberg

When I was young hockey was my everything – a source of pride, joy, and an early education in the ways of life. But the best thing that hockey did was blow the door wide open on top educational opportunities and I became a master of science in nutrition. Hockey defined my childhood, education and learning defined my 20's, and now I am a teacher. I am here to teach you what I have learned so you too can share in the joy and potential that ignites a passion for life when you eat for performance.

To help you increase your performance in work, exercise, relationships, and sport, I have been cooking up some juicy presentations that you will love. Join me live every week in my Facebook group to get the insider information that will get you to the top of the class and to meet your personal goals with a vibrancy and energy level you can count on. I want you to eat the right foods for top performance, and I know you’re only a few tweaks away.

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Pearle visited Yellowknife for our 1st Annual Female High Performance Hockey Camp. Her in-depth knowledge of Nutrition was displayed in classroom presentations and through the snacks and meals our athletes and coaches consumed. The tale of her journey from rural Quebec to Cornell University was inspiring to both the athletes and parents. Thanks Pearle for your insight and advice.

Paul Murphy Advanced II Coach | Hockey Canada Master Skill Clinic Instructor | Hockey Canada NCCP Master Course Conductor


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