Pearle's Story

“I feel connected to you through my experience.”

My Connection with Real Food

I grew up in a rural community about 1 hour north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My childhood was very connected to the environment and our direct sources of nourishment – fresh spring water, gardens filled with vegetables, apple trees, and barnyard animals.

My views on healthy food were influenced largely by my parents who raised me and my brother and sister in a semi-vegetarian household.

At a young age I knew that the majority of kids were not getting exposure to foods that could bring a top performance and I was lucky to have parents who always provided home-cooked meals with whole grains and vegetables as the stars of the meal.

My Connection with Athletes

I started to dream of playing hockey as of 3 years old and I was allowed to start playing for a club at 4 years old.

The highlight of my hockey career was playing hockey for a division I NCAA program at Cornell University.

Being a student-athlete gave me insight into the life of a professional athlete: the realities (long hours away from friends and family), and the rewards (monetary or public accolades). The joke on my hockey team was we had “no life” because we were either studying or playing our sport. But all my best memories from University are because of playing a sport at the top level… so in hind-sight we had quite a rich life!

My Connection with Families

At the start of my nutrition career, I spent a lot of time working with individuals on personal goals that had nothing to do with a performance in a sport. Goals such as weight loss, better eating habits, and dealing with digestive trouble. I really worked to connect with everyone that crossed my path and this has made me a better dietitian for my athletes.

I believe that if the family and friends that surround the athlete are healthy and performing in their own way, then the athlete will be more supported. So I pay attention to the needs of the family when I take care of an athlete.

And, when I gave birth to my little girl, it opened my door to a world of experience you can only understand once you have gone through it. Becoming a mom has connected me with youth and parents like no textbook was ever able to do. Thank you to my little ones for continuing to add to my parenting experience every day!

Sports Dietitian. Performance nutrition consultant. 

Hockey nutrition expert. Speaker. Author. Broadcaster.

Blogger. Wife. Mom. And an athlete at heart!

Pearle is a registered dietitian with registered dietitians of Quebec (OPDQ) and she has specialized training and experience in the area of sports nutrition. She operates a nutrition practice aimed at providing individuals and organizations dietary guidance for a performance edge. She loves being her followers' bridge between the scientific world of research and the practical world of actually choosing what to eat.

Pearle recently published a cookbook for active individuals and families. She also co-authored Eat This for Performance in Hockey, which has guided numerous hockey players to eat for performance. Pearle spent 4 years regularly appearing on Global TV to discuss current nutrition trends and to offer her review of the food landscape. As an evolution of her public broadcasting experience she has very recently founded the international brand Eat This for Performance, which broadcasts weekly nutrition topics relevant to active people looking to perform.

Pearle is highly sought after for private coaching and works by application only. She works with people looking for lasting fitness and high performance in all aspect of life. She is known for her work with active family units and with parents of teen athletes. She has a special place for hockey and soccer and is currently working with hockey players (youth and professional) and hockey teams. She has worked with the NHL franchises, players in the Quebec Junior Major League, players in the NCAA, players in the CIS, and National Team calibre players. She brings her extensive knowledge of the game of hockey to her hockey playing clientele as a former NCAA hockey player for Cornell University and hockey coach for hockey players aged 3 to 18.


Nutrition Credentials

Registered Dietitian with l'Ordre des diététistes du Québec since 2008 | Applied M.Sc. in Human Nutrition (McGill University, 2007), program focused on: sport nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and natural health products.

B.Sc. in Nutritional Science (Cornell University, 2005) | I.S.A.K. level 1 certification, 2013

Benefit from over 10 years of experience

Recent clients I have had the pleasure of working with.

Numerous AA and AAA clubs have received either handouts, seminars, workshops, or travel and tournament planning support!