Our mission is simple, empower young athletes and their communities to eat for performance with confidence.

Why I created a

nutrition company?

I created Eat This for Performance because I have a passion and desire to pass on the wealth of sports nutrition information that I have to athletes and their families. I envision being able to use the success of Eat This for Performance to put me in a position to make an even bigger impact on education. You can read the evolution of Eat This for Performance and the impact that you have on global initiatives when you support ET4P. Read more about Pearle's story.

I am on a mission to change the way nutrition is perceived and taught. To achieve my mission, I have committed to sharing my performance eating journey. My journey and my knowledge combined are at the roots of Eat This for Performance. I am inviting everyone to take a journey with me and fill their heads with invaluable nutrition knowledge.

– Pearle Nerenberg

3 anecdotes

For inspiration

Here are 3 anecdotes about my journey, where the inspiration for Eat This for Performance came from, and what impact I will make on the lives of those who dare to learn.
Why quitting can end up being the best thing that ever happened to you.
Fresh out of my masters degree in nutrition, I launched into starting my own private nutrition consulting gig. At the time, it was called Element Nutrition (not a bad name eh?). I started it with the best intentions and with a friend who shared my vision. Within 3 months we were recruited to work for a dietitian running a 10 year old sports nutrition practice which at the time was called ATP Nutrition (another fun name if you know what ATP is – insert nutrition geek giving thumbs up here!).

For 2 years, I mentored and learned.

When the learning had run its course, I found myself at a crossroads. I was a little beaten up by entrepreneurship and felt defeated and frankly like a bit of a failure. My friendship was ending and it felt like my passion for nutrition was ending too.

So, I quit. Mentally, physically and emotionally, I quit nutrition.

I got married that winter. This was the dark winter of “who am I?” questions. As I started a new chapter in my personal life, I was hired to become an insurance broker, which gave me a fresh start and my first decent salary.

My satisfaction was short-lived.

I realized in less than 3 months that making money was not my motivation. I needed more. I wanted to make an impact sharing what I know about nutrition and high energy living. I found that I missed coaching nutrition and making a difference in the lives that I touched with my nutrition expertise. This is how I started to come back to the idea that nutrition was my path.

I just needed some confidence.

Luckily, confidence can be found.

Finding confidence in embarrassing rejection.
In 2011, I was on a confidence finding mission. I sent out my resume to several companies (ok, about 30 to 50). I wanted to be wanted. But I was new to the 9 to 5 job finding process and I did not like waiting for responses. I was so impatient that I did the unthinkable for a dietitian… I applied to Weight Watchers to be an in-store nutrition consultant. It’s not as if this was my dream job, but I was curious about the company that was making over a billion dollars a year selling nutrition. However, I will never know what it is like to be a Weight Watchers consultant because they confirmed to me that they do not in fact hire nutrition professionals for this job. True story. You can be overqualified in nutrition knowledge to work with people on their nutrition, according to weight watchers. A fire was lit in me that day whether I knew it or not. This little flame was what ultimately sparked my confidence. My internal dialogue went something like “What? I am too qualified to work for Weight Watchers?!! How dare they sell nutrition then?” But then when I looked around and EVERYONE was doing the same thing! Herbalife, BeachBody, Arbonne (yes, they sell nutrition too)… no formal nutrition education needed. Ultimately, people are getting some nutrition guidance from companies like these instead of full spectrum nutrition guidance that comes from someone with a higher education in biology, human nutrition, physiology, disease, and in my case, sports nutrition. So that little outrage snowballed my confidence into what it is today. Today, I have the confidence to go live on TV, on Facebook, on Instagram and share share share my knowledge so that I take yours to the next level. I am confident that Eat This for Performance is the next billion dollar nutrition company because I am not selling tools and a cookie cutter guide – I am giving you enough nutrition knowledge to be able to navigate ANY nutrition idea and concept and apply what is good for you and leave the rest. But, as I mentioned before, money is not my end-game, impact is.
How your NEXT LEVEL eating habits can impact a young girl you have never met.
What if by eating better, eating for performance, and supporting your child to eat for high performance you can start a snowball of positive impact?

This journey I am on with Eat This for Performance is destined to be huge.

I know this is true if you are reading the mission. I know this is true if you are enjoying reading some of the blog posts. I know this is true if you are one of the people benefiting from the materials in the sports nutrition courses. But, being huge is not why Eat This for Performance exists. Being huge is a way for ET4P to do the greater work and support organizations, initiatives, and people who are leaders of positive change.

To start, we will focus on girls education because the reason why ET4P even exists is because 1 young girl was educated. What could happen if 1 million or 1 billion young girls got the experience that I have had… it makes me smile to think about it!

Here’s my story of education and the story of a young girl you have never met but have impacted in a huge way.

In 1997 Loomis Chaffee (a New England Preparatory school) took a chance on a shy 13 year old hockey playing girl from a small rural town in Quebec. They offered me a full scholarship to go to their elite boarding school. From there I was able to get into Cornell University where I also had a full scholarship. I have always known that there were many unseen people who opened up this opportunity for me, and who allowed me to become the leader and teacher I was meant to be.

The rigorous education I endured was a ticket to every positive experience I have had: graduating with a masters level education from reputable schools, playing high level hockey, finding and marrying the love of my life, having children when I was ready, having the confidence and resources to act on my visions for my life and become an entrepreneur… and the list goes on.

I could not imagine life without the opportunity to receive a quality education in a safe environment.

I wish all girls and women could experience education.

I have a theory that if every girl were to be educated to the post-secondary level, the world would be at peace. At the very least, we would have balance in the world. Women who have not had the same educational opportunities must work much harder to achieve what educated women around the world often take for granted.

I have seen this first hand.

Let me tell you the true story of Juliette who is from St-Vincent and the Grenadines.

We employed Juliette for some time in 2015 to help us with our household needs when our daughter was 2 years old. She loved our family and was keeping me together as I was navigating being an entrepreneur / new mom (the impossible combination!). One day she came to me and revealed that the Canadian government was sending her and her 11 year old daughter back to St-Vincent after 11 years of living here. Ultimately, what it came down to was the wrong paperwork not being filed at the right time and the course of a young girls life was changed. Juliette's daughter was being sent “back” to St-Vincent, a place she had never lived in.

I felt powerless to help Juliette, who is my age, and her daughter. I asked myself “What would a good education have provided to Juliette?”, “Will Juliette’s daughter, who is actually a Canadian citizen, get the same opportunities as my Canadian daughter?”

When Juliette arrived in St-Vincent she set to work on building a home from scratch so her daughter can have a place to come to every day that has her basic needs covered. Juliette has had to innovate in a jobless market. Without a great education, she is left with less opportunity and confidence. She arrived in 2014, 4 years later she is on the verge of building the bathroom.

Here is where Eat This for Performance has stepped in to start a snowball. ET4P supported Juliette and her daughter with the first month of revenues. It has started small, with the materials to construct the bathroom. Imagine the relief of having a working bathroom to shower in. As a 13 year old, I can only imagine it would bring a feeling of comfort and privacy. My vision is that comfort will allow her to live out her vision of giving back. Today she talks about being a lawyer. I am sure a lawyer that will be passionate about helping immigrant women like her mom navigate the laws that can so easily restrict them. Perhaps, the comfort of having a bathroom will spark her to do her life’s work or at least give her a better head space to go to school… the snowball has started and we are excited to see where it goes.

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