What is My Nutrition Brain all About?


My Nutrition Brain is an insider look into the world of sports nutrition through the lens of a masters level sports dietitian. Pearle Nerenberg, takes you on adventures in fuelling daily activities for performance. Be prepared to learn a thing or two and share in the joys and frustrations everyone has around deciding what foods to eat to enjoy the very best that life has to offer! Pearle Nerenberg is the enthusiastic owner of Eat This for Performance, where food and soaring energy levels hang out.

How to Influence Teen Nutrition Postively

  How To Influence Teen Nutrition Positively   When my parents allowed me to follow my dream of playing hockey and having better academic opportunities at a prestigious New England preparatory school, they gave up the ability to guide my food choices in a direct way....

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Why Chocolate Milk is NOT the best recovery snack

Why chocolate milk is NOT the best recovery snack Yes, I have said it. I have told people that chocolate milk is a good recovery snack. I kind of wish I hadn’t and here is why. One of the #1 statements (not question) that I get is "Chocolate milk is a good recovery...

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Keto for the Athletic Teenager

Keto for the Athletic Teenager Athletes and amateur athletes have come to me to be guided on the Ketogenic diet. Specifically they want to know about keto for the athletic teenager. Here is what I tell them.  You came to the right place for a guide, and I will give...

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