How to make a nutrition program:

4 Steps to Creating Your Best Performance Meal Plan…

4 Steps to Creating Your Best Performance Meal Plan…

Whether you are heading into your off-season, starting up the new season, or in the midst of your playoff run, you will benefit from a well thought out nutrition plan. Announcing the Your Hockey Family is Eating for Performance Nutrition Challenge. This is a nutrition program that is condensed into a 4 step challenge you to make a professional meal plan that supports achievement of your biggest hockey goals. This challenge is meant to be completed in 4 days but you can complete all the steps at once if you are ready!

DAY 4: Making week long meal plans for a top performance in hockey

Meal plans come in all shapes & sizes

Meal plans can simply be lists of meals and snacks that you know you want to eat next week. Some people love planning out exactly what breakfast they will be eating on Wednesday and others like to keep their taste buds guessing! Meal planning will help either way.

Make a meal plan by listing all the foods and the meals you love to eat. Online recipe databases like the one from SOS Cuisine are very helpful to get you inspired and to keep all the details for recipes automated. There are many recipes to choose from and selecting 2 to 6 be easier than trying to make 21 new recipes. To get you started on your meal plan I have a sample meal plan skeleton that includes some new recipes, some vegetables to focus on and an idea of how to time your meals and snacks around an activity like a 90 minute training session.

In 2017 we developed the 4 types of recipes to match the average nutrient needs we have in 4 key moments around sport.  (see explanation below)

In this menu example we are encouraging attempting 1 new recipe every day and focussing on a single vegetable every day.

The core of Eat This for Performance : evolved recipes for sport!

Pearle Nerenberg set out to bring her huge depth of understanding in sports nutrition to recipes with her formula for recipes that includes a recipe that matches each of the 4 key moments around sport. With recipes designed for active individuals  Eat This for Performance is changing the way we eat around sport to be in line with current sport nutrition recommendations.

Select meals and snacks from the Eat for Performance Approved list. (coming soon)

Which performance enhancing recipes will you prepare this week?

Share them in the comments. 

This article is written in 4 steps. Find your next step here.

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