Confessions from the Athlete Setting the 2019 NEW Diet Trend

Keto, intermittent fasting and paleo are all diet trends we saw in 2018. Read to find out what this athlete is predicting the diet trend of 2019 to be.

I sat staring down at the ripped abs of the bodybuilder flexing annoyingly at me from the label of my protein shake. My stomach turned at the thought that this protein shake would make me look like him, but I couldn’t help wondering if this stuff was working…

I had been training hard lately and I was already halfway through my $80 bottle of chocolate protein shake. Crap, that means I’ll need to order more soon.

What is so special about this brand anyways? What if my trainer is just in it to make money and there is a cheaper shake I could take? Right, got to go talk to coach. He has a deal with a company I think.

Coach is into nutrition, he gets it. Last year he gave us vitamin C pills all season long.

I knock on coaches door, he answers. He sounds busy. Yup, he’s on the phone with a recruit for sure. I remember when I got that call. He’s sounding a little less hard nosed than normal and talking up our school. I can’t bother him now. Then he ends the call…

“Hey Coach”

“Hey Matty, what’s up?”

“So, I’m gonna need more protein powder, you have a deal with a company right?”

“Uh, no, that company went bust. But, hey, did you watch the nutrition videos yet?”

Damn! Forgot about it. Coach sent it when? I’m trying to remember what I did with that email. I hope I didn’t delete it.

“Right, yes”

He knows I am lying.

“You should watch them. I was always focused so much on protein and it’s been a real eye opener for me, I’m ashamed to admit my advice was no good. Heck, you may not even need protein powder.”

“Really? Everyone takes protein powder”

He gives me a raised eye as if to say “Don’t challenge me on this one” and he turns back to the phone as it rings.

I left the office confused. I decided to flick on my phone and find the email coach was referring to.

Email Subject: Worried You are Wasting Money on Supplements?

Hmm, yes.


Hey Matthew,

There will be many supplement pushers in your future, and some will actually have a product worth checking out.


Here’s the deal. You will never know how to tell a waste of money from a performance booster until you take 5 minutes to learn how.

5 minutes eh? Seems like a bit short… wouldn’t it be nice though.

Eating 4Performance is easy and we can walk you through 5 actions you can take today starting with the most impactful one.

Bring it!

Answer two questions for us:

One, How Excellent of an Athlete are You?

Ok, I’m only the captain of the team, leading scorer in the league, ya I’d say pretty Excellent.

Two, How Excellent of an Eater are You?

… Well, um … I could be better … um … not sure … maybe I’m ok… I mean I do ok

 If your answer was lacking any confidence then you are not showing up to your fullest potential. The first action you take is to gain confidence in your answer to question 2 and take our 5 minute challenge.

Download the 4P foods list and review it for 5 minutes

Ok, there are a lot of foods I eat. Looks like they are sorted into Energizers, Superfoods, and Muscle Builders. It seems like I’m supposed to eat only from this list but I’m not sure. I think I’ll check out the videos, curious if it will help.

Video 1 – Introduction to the Confident Athlete Course

1 hour later…


Wow, I’ve got to tell coach I watched the entire course in 1 hour… I don’t think I will be looking into any more diets.

I get it.

I wonder if coach is going to talk to Cooper and Shawn about their keto diet. Seems a little crazy to be doing it after watching this.

It’s hard figuring this out. It’s like every time I turn around there is another diet trend. What is it Jo was telling me about? Intermittent Fasting. Seriously, now we’re starving or something. Seems restrictive. I am really into this eating for performance idea.

It’s obvious, but not.

I’m thinking eating for performance should be a diet. It sounds way better, eat this and perform rather than fast and eat nothing.

That’s it! I am calling out those supplement guys. I’m going to give it my all to this new diet- the 4P diet. 

-Matt, newest Confident Athlete alum

So that’s it. When Matt took the first step and downloaded the 4P FOODS LIST, he gave himself the path to becoming 100% confident in his food choices with the end goal of achieving his best performance yet.

Just like Matt, we are predicting this to be top diet trend for athletes in 2019: eating for performance #B12029#


I’m giving you several bonus resources to help if you want to be a trendsetter too.


First, get the FREE 4P Foods List: 


Second, take the Confident Athlete Course and get in on our special bonus for Christmas!

Third, for those who grab the food list today you could win our VIP Hockey Player Playbook which includes a beautiful printed version of the 4P foods list!

Don’t make the same mistakes as other athletes and follow fad diets that will hurt your performance.


Follow a diet that’s forever: eating for performance.

What diets have you tried? Let us know in the comments! 

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