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Your Super Packs

What are Super Packs?
7 short audio messages centred around a theme. Each message leads you through the layers of the peak performance pyramid we teach at Eat This for Performance. Listen to each short podcast to get the full effect of peaking with purpose.

Rejuvenate to Peak

Hey you, yes you!

It’s been a while since we had a real conversation.

Are you happy being a sports mom?

Is it rewarding?

Let's be honest, let's have a real heart to heart.

Let's steal some time to check-in.

We hope you did.


There isn't a good answer to those questions, you know why?

Because, the answer is always changing moment to moment.

What is not changing is that sometimes (ok maybe more than sometimes!) you need a break.

You need to breathe.

That's normal, and actually part of being a Super Sports Mom

Finding it hard to carve out a moment?

Can we help you out there?

These audio messages (aka podcasts) are for you, Super Sports Mom – to help you out.

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We really HEART you Super Sports Mom!











Super Sports Mom Podcast is a place for all sports moms to get support and insight into the world of sports.

Your host, Pearle Nerenberg, takes you on adventures in equipping our young athletes for a great sports performance. Here you will learn, laugh, and feel compelled to share in the great journey that it is to be a sports mom.

Pearle Nerenberg is a veteran university level athlete, coach, and now a mom of 2 young children. She is on a mission to bring tools, tips, and insights to all moms of athletes. She welcomes you into her world – the world of one small and mighty super sports mom!

Did you catch the first Super Sports Moms – Super Pack? Super Packs are mini programs that take you layer by layer through the 7 steps of peaking for performance. We introduce the theme and give you actions to take to peak for performance in line with the theme. Each audio is 3 to 5 minutes so it is easy to listen to on-the-go and with kids around to soak up all the wisdom too! Let us know if you are liking the Super Packs by writing to

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