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What are 4P recipes?

There are 4 key moments to eat before, during, and after intense training to maximize energy levels and build muscle more effectively. We have recipes for each of the 4 key moments to eat around sport which offers you a starting point to experience the right proportions of energy and muscle building materials at the right time.


ET4P has designed and approved all of the recipes stamped with the 4P. Each of the 4P recipes is designed for one of the 4 key moments to eat around sport.

Start eating for peformance with a 4P recipe:

Performance meals

3-4 hrs before activity

Energizer snacks

1-2 hrs before activity

In play snacks

During activity

Recovery snacks

0-30 mins after activity

Our framework for energy
4P recipes standardize the energy (carbohydrate and calorie content) in 1 portion of each recipe allowing you to focus simply on whether the amount in 1 portion is right for you.

Our framework for digestibility
4P recipes contain controlled amounts of slow digesting macronutrients (fat, fibre, and protein) to support complete digestion within a restricted time period.

Our framework for protein
4P performance meals and recovery snacks contain 25-35 grams of protein per serving to support muscular repair and growth.

In all cases we encourage individualized and targeted nutrient recommendations, however when this is not possible due to time and financial constraints the 4P recipes can stand alone as a superb formula for the athlete delving into advanced sports nutrition.

Try a 4P recipe to begin your performance eating journey!

Quick tip

Start by making a recipe and eating it at the key moment before intense activity. Then flex the recipe to include more or less energy as needed for your activity.