Do you know how much

nutrition impacts your


Dare to find out.


One united family confidently eating for performance!


Clarity on what to eat and when to supplement.


They show up ready to play.

The Confident Athlete 

4 steps to a better performance today with one clear way to eat.

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In the 25 short video Confident Athlete course, you will:

1. Learn a simple list of foods that highlights a food for its powers. You will completely understand how to energize your activity better, build muscle better, and how to view vegetables like the Superfood powerhouses they are.

2. See how this formula has been used in some of the most difficult and time-crunched scenarios and

3. Apply this framework to your lunchbox and your pre-game meal. The Confident Athlete will help you make food choices that lead to Champion performances.



Ready to Perform

Confidence in your food choices is priceless.

Take your place among our Confident Athlete alumni.

After you take your first steps, you will run…

We support you in our sport specific communities.

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Hockey Champions

Hockey Champions is a sports nutrition membership to support the Hockey Family to take their nutrition to the next level every week. 

The fundamentals of sports nutrition

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  1. Best and worst foods to have during sport
  2. Learn the 3 types of food that support performance
  3. Your 4 key moments to eat around sport

Champions advanced sports nutrition

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  1. Master portion amounts by playing time
  2. Know how much water to drink
  3. Master all playing situations

Champions kitchens

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  1. Best and worst foods to have in your pantry
  2. Set up for fresh food daily
  3. Finally get a family recipe book (recipes the kids can make!)

Did you ever wonder about…

  1. Creatine, the right way to take it
  2. Protein Powders and which ones to avoid
  3. Vitamin D, why most athletes need it
  4. Omega-3's, do you really need them?…
  5. Recovery from injury like concussions
  6. How to navigate symptoms like bloating, fatigue, digestive upset…
  7. How to plan for tournaments

Your own nutrition coach

Private Coaching

Private coaching can be combined with the Champions sports nutrition membership to get intimate and personalized services. Private coaching is limited to a few athletes to ensure a dedicated coaching experience. Coaching is daily. The coaching option is via application only.