THE WINNING TEEN SPORTS MEAL PLAN: An Energy Filled Hockey Tournament Weekend is Possible

Do you ever cry you were so proud of someone else? Toby's application of my Teen Sports Meal Plan did that for me!

In April, I kicked off the new nutrition brand “Eat This for Performance” with a challenge to hockey players. This was a 4-day challenge to get ready for the hockey offseason. Well, for many in my challenge hockey was not over. In fact, for Toby and Joanne the hockey season was still going strong, only now there was soccer too! This mother-daughter team took to the nutrition challenge like all-stars and did the work to complete it. Together with my help they created their own Teen Sports Meal Plan. You can imagine I was thrilled when Joanne sent me this message:

“All my daughter would eat previously was white bread, cheese, and candy. Today she just went in and made herself avocado on toast with tomato on whole-grain bread. AND she portioned out her fruits and seeds for an almond milk smoothie later! Thank you, Pearle!”

Well, the story would end there, except I wanted to see how far we could go with such an amazing duo as Toby and Joanne. So I invited them to be a part of my focus group to build the best nutrition program ever for high achievers… yes, even a teen sports meal plan, fast forward 3 short weeks and I can truly say that I am so proud of what they accomplished. And, if you are wondering, it did bring tears of joy to my day when I got these messages you will read below.

In my Confident Athlete Course, I teach a really simple approach to fuelling activity. This is a great teen sports meal plan as well! You get a food list and a cheat sheet that flexes with your different situations. Joanne and Toby helped me build the cheat sheet and they put it to the test the weekend before the actual tournament weekend we hear about (below). This was a  big tryout event for the provincial team. Here is what Joanne had to say about the tryout weekend and how she was gearing up for the tournament weekend.

3 short weeks into the Confident Athlete Course, Toby had a weekend AAA tournament. Joanne and I went back and forth a few times selecting a few recipes for the weekend that would be portable and hotel friendly. The information they needed to flex their recipes to the day's events had already been learned.

A Young Elite Hockey Player Eats 4 Performance…

Toby shared her experience in the days leading up to and during to her U14AAA tournament.

These are what we prepared for the trip this weekend… we will heat up pancakes for breakfast that morning.
My reaction: I am thrilled that Toby is involved in the meal prep and is learning skills plus she can already start to visualize how this food will fuel her performance. She's now getting ahead of her opponents.
This is the car packed up with tons of food. We have never brought this much stuff. No stopping for fast food.
My reaction: Good, now you can focus on your games without distractions!
My game went very well.
My reaction: YAAAS!
I didn't have an appetite after the game so I had smoothies.
My reaction: The fact that Toby was so well prepared leading up to the game made a bad situation in her game (in this instance a bad hit) almost non issue as she was well charged for the next game.

Another great game. We won and I got player of the game with my energy.


The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Experience for a Mom…

Joanne shared her experience in the days leading up to and during to her daughter's U14AAA tournament.

So… those no cook choco-oat bars are AMAZING! Toby could have eaten the whole pan!

My reaction: Lol! Yes, high energy snacks that you should eat before hockey have the added benefit of being tasty!

Quick question- Toby is in between games. This morning she had an amazing game, but took a very ugly hit in last minute of game (other girl got thrown out). No concussion symptoms but she is very sore and now has zero appetite. Not sure whether to force her…. I did make her drink a “super juice” with 7 fruits and almond milk. I am thinking I will just get her to nibble until next game… what do you do when you have no appetite but need the calories??

My reaction: Don't worry about calories, the hard work is already done of eating well for this day… a liquid diet could work well with a low appetite.

Ok that’s what we did. Soup and smoothie. And orange juice in water bottle. She had a very good breakfast. She’s on ice now.

Had another very solid game despite everything. And now she’s devouring the choco oat squares…

U14AAA champs and Toby player of the game. Those are some magic pancakes!

I know Toby sent you a ton of photos and reports from weekend. But wanted to share another anecdote. She was playing up an age group so game was faster than what she is used to. And she had bruises from second game. But even in last game her energy and speed were great. Her coaches put her on for last 2 min of game because she still had legs and was still backchecking strong. And in fact she chased the puck like crazy and scored the game winner in final 30 Sec. This is the second weekend her energy has lasted right up until final minutes . She fell asleep in car before we even left the parking lot so I know she spent her entire tank. I am really excited about this new way of eating!!.
Hey, so here's the thing, we simply started this journey with my food list below. That was literally the foundation of this winning teen sports meal plan! You can get it and start your nutrition evolution too! I hope you do and I hope you join me in my nutrition challenges coming up and join in the next 40 day program starting up really soon.

What do you do to prepare for your weekends away?

Share your experiences in the comments. 

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