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Eat This for Performance is a unique nutrition curriculum.

We are different. We focus on what happens when you eat food for its powers and we help you avoid and release food shame. 

We realize our mission when you fly through your day with endless energy AND everyone on our planet has access to enough powerful food to do the same.

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We are on a mission to guide you who dare to chase your dreams and to show you how food can unmask your Superhuman potential. We achieve our mission when you eat performance foods and are able to fly through your day with endless energy and everyone you touch is able to do the same.

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We value your presence more than anything. We value you who commit to joining our dream team of “superhumans” who eat for performance. We deeply value integrity both of our wise customer and of the body of peer-reviewed scientific literature that is the source of our knowledge.

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We promise to treat you like the superhuman you are. We support your daily performance with food knowledge and inspiration you can easily follow. We promise to cheer you on as we navigate the imperfect world of nutrition, together, and meet our fulfilment of an extraordinary destiny.

Black and red Eat This for Performance Logo


Incorporated in 2019, Eat This for Performance Inc. has impacted the lives of thousands of families through their application of our simple sports nutrition curriculum. The Eat This for Performance curriculum provides an education system relevant for all ages and stages of athletic need. We teach that there is one aligned way to eat to achieve sustainable health, performance, fitness, and positive environmental impact. Eat This for Performance exists to demonstrate how to navigate diet and supplement culture and focus mainly on a whole, local foods first approach to eating for excellence in life and sport.

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Pearle has a degree from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and a Master's in Human Nutrition from McGill University. She is also an alumnus of the renowned International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition. Pearle is a mom of 2 and a devoted wife and supporter of the athletes in her community.


In 2010, after leaving my first sports nutrition job I was sending my C.V. around for the first time. On a whim, and out of curiosity, I applied to be a nutrition consultant at a popular weight loss program's office.

When this famous diet company rejected me outright for being overqualified I wondered why a strong understanding of nutritional science would be anything less than an asset to a nutrition company.

Time passed, but a lingering feeling that the diet world was out of alignment with the facts could not be shaken. Why was good nutritional science a problem for the diet world? Wouldn't it help people to know more, not less? 

One day the director of my daughter's daycare summed up the problem perfectly for me… and she certainly awakened me to my core:

This guardian of children was not interested in my offer to help improve the menu using my deep knowledge of the subject. And as she turned me away,  she exclaimed: “nutrition is like religion and politics, everyone has an opinion”.

This hurt me in the moment. She spoke her opinion and I left her with it (a few months later we would also pull my child from this daycare).

It struck me that her opinion was missing something important. It was missing some facts or course!

Opinion based on facts (i.e. unbiased research) is not a religion, it's science. Science is not always black and white but sometimes it is, and strong studies will show truths that do stand the test of time. (rant over)

Seriously though, I was essentially being told that the facts were not welcome. And, after 7 years studying nutrition to figure out fact from fiction I was again left wondering why someone would push away a wealth of nutrition knowledge.

This was my awakening. And with these 2 defining moments, one fine day the answer hit me smack in the nose.

I was in the throes of confidently feeding my family and wishing I could pass along this confidence bubble I lived in to all my fellow humans.

This truth lit me up like a lightbulb and I realized WHY I had been struggling so much… it's a tough realization for many professionals.

Actually it more than lit me, my revelations changed me to my core.

I came to the painfully obvious conclusion that nutrition FACTS are boring and usually do not tell a very interesting story. Do you agree?

Thousands of nutrition facts later I knew enough to be 100% confident in my food choices but those who had not gone through 2 nutrition degrees and an IOC diploma in sports nutrition were only seeing nutrition jargon. This jargon was overwhelming and boring people – we needed a change!

Just maybe nutrition facts needed to be presented differently? Just maybe nutrition facts needed to be SENSATIONAL.

So, I dug in and drew inspiration from everyone I met. I was determined to get people the facts in a fun way. I met a lot of super people (a.k.a super-humans) on the way to piecing together the puzzle.

I met extraordinary athletes.

I met dedicated coaches.

I met real tough parents.

I met brilliant nutrition professionals.

The importance of super-humans started to become central to this nutrition story.

And what is more sensational than a story about a superhuman??

Super-humans can fly.

Super-humans have endless energy.

Super-humans are capable of saving humanity from destruction.

What we know about super-humans is that they are really ordinary people – like you and me, just with a little extra magic.

Super-humans are the people who dreamed of being more and overcame their fear of failure to elevate their performance and rise to their superhuman potential. These are the people I had in mind when I founded a nutrition framework to stand the test of time: Eat This for Performance.

Eat This for Performance is a nutrition framework that teaches the skills to become a super-human. Founded in early 2018, Eat This for Performance is now bigger than one person. It is, dare we say, a movement.

For those who are tired of the diet mill, the crazed focus on perfect abs, and the false promises of rainbows at the end of a perfectly planned diet – we stand with YOU.

The time is ripe for change in the nutrition world.

Fitness happens when you eat food for its powers.

Disease happens when you restrict, limit, and obsess.

WE say stop dieting and eat for performance instead.

And if you are eating performance foods, you can fly through your day with endless energy and break away from the destructive path to injury, illness, and disease.

Are you with us my newest super-human?


To your next EXTRAORDINARY performance,



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