The Ultimate Guide to Sport Supplements: CREATINE

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The Ultimate Guide to Sport Supplements: CREATINE

What is Creatine? 

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First, creatine is not a drug or a banned substance in sport as some may think.

Creatine is naturally found in your muscles at all times!

But you can also get it in your diet, mostly through animal foods like meat and fish because those animals have muscles with creatine in them just like us! Why do we care though? Because, this little known substance literally energizes the first 10-20s of every quick movement you make. True story! Creatine is like the superstar magic in video games that allows your character to speed ahead faster. We all have the magic inside of us so supplementing is just one way to boost supply a tiny bit. ⭐️

Why would creatine be helpful to a teen athlete?

Research on athletes clearly demonstrates some improved performances in short bursts of exercise – think sprinting or weight lifting. This is normally when someone has supplemented over a week to elevate their muscle stores.

Supplementing with creatine could especially be helpful for those that follow a more vegetarian style of eating due to the fact that these athletes are simply not getting creatine from food.

Finally, there is some evidence that creatine will help in post-concussion recovery as it acts on the brain tissues. One study in children and adolescents (read more about it here) found that supplementing with creatine improved symptoms of dizziness, headache and tiredness following a concussion however more research is needed in this area in the future so stay tuned!

What to watch out for:

Creatine is mostly well-tolerated in teen athletes however consideration should be given to the stage of puberty and should only be considered if the athlete is following a performance diet. Think of creatine like a cherry on a cake, it should not be added to the athlete’s diet until the cake, the base diet, is beautifully executed. Creatine is not some miracle supplement that is going to make you faster if you are not eating for performance as your foundation.

Hungry for more?

Watch our video about creatine!


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