How to have Performance Meals OUT: easy dinners without compromising performance

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How to have Performance Meals OUT: easy dinners without compromising performance

How to have performance meals out

Takeout and performance eating, can they co-exist?

YUP, it is 100% possible to eat a dinner that wasn't prepared in your own kitchen without worrying about it compromising your performance.

Exciting news, this doesn't have to mean you are limited to salads. Eating for performance when ordering out means learning to navigate the menu of your favourite takeaway place.

Our Performance Food List will definitely come in handy when trying to decide which dish is going to be your best option!

There are simple tricks when it comes to ordering-in that will help you enjoy a treat without any guilt!

Are you Having enough Superfoods?

Your mom was not telling you to “eat your veggies” for no reason! Vegetables make up most of the Superfood category on the Performance Food list and they are indeed real-life superheroes! They enforce your immunity, boost your sprint endurance, make your bones stronger and your vision sharper.

When ordering takeout, look for meals that have a variety of superfoods in them. Potatoes in the form of french-fries don't count! 😉

– Go for a stir-fries as they tend to have more veggies. Pro-option would be to customize your stir-fry by ordering an extra serving of veggies to be added to your dish!

– Opt for a grilled chicken salad instead of a chicken burger.

– Go for a side salad or a portion of veggies instead of a side of fries.

Where are your Muscle Builders aka your protein?

You might think that by ordering a salad, you are doing your body a huge favour. Well, it's not always the case! Whereas they definitely have enough superfoods, dishes like salads sometimes lack muscle builders in them.

Look at your options and then look at your Performance Food List. Does your dish of choice have enough of muscle builders? If not, you can fix that by ordering an extra serving of animal protein such as chicken, or plant protein such as tofu or tempeh.

Carbohydrates are you Friends! They are your energizers!

Make sure that your meal will have energizers in them! How? Look at the Performance Food List!

Why? Well, as you can tell by the name energizers are your little energy suppliers. As an athlete, you need energy to succeed in your sport.

One other thing to keep in mind is the quality of energizers. Go for less processed options like brown rice instead of white, whole wheat pasta instead of white.

Last few tips:

1. Order dressing on the side, oils in large quantities can be performance killers

2. Keep sustainability in mind! Ask for no utensils, so you can use your own. Ditch the extra napkins and free condiments. Bring your own container when possible.

3. Enjoy your food! Meals are meant to be both nutritious and fun! Here at Eat This for Performance, we do not aim for perfection, we aim of excellence. A few times a week it's healthy and okay to order food that is not 100% perfectly on the list… we call these fun foods or fun meals. Enjoy them too and even more important, enjoy the pleasure of eating out!


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