For more energy, more speed in your step, and a jump point to an elite sports nutrition program, we offer you a formula to high-performance eating. In-Play Snacks are formulated to be equivalent in energy and general digestibility. Of course, you will need to experiment and eat 1 portion of a snack and adjust to your needs. 

Have an In-Play Snack recipe portion during your activity and start eating for performance!

Gelatin Gummies | Energizing Snack to Build Collagen

Gelatin Gummy | Build Collagen   This is a super easy, energizing and collagen building gelatin gummy to help you peak for performance!  Energizer Snack : Have 30-60 minutes before functional training  It's 30-60 minutes until your functional training and...

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Fun and Healthy 3 Ingredient Low Sugar Sports Popsicle

Fun and Healthy 4 Ingredient Low Sugar Sports Popsicle This sports pop recipe is sure to give your child a fun alternative to high sugar popsicles. In Play Snack: during activityThis low sugar sports popsicle is your solution to what is a common problem. It's Fun...

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