In-Play Snacks For Quick Energy


For more energy, more speed in your step, and a jump point to an elite sports nutrition program, we offer you a formula to high-performance eating. In-Play Snacks are formulated to be equivalent in energy and general digestibility. Of course, you will need to experiment and eat 1 portion of a snack and adjust to your needs. 

Gelatin Gummies | Energizing Snack to Build Collagen

Gelatin Gummies | Energizing Snack to Build Collagen

EAT 1-2 HOURS BEFORE TRAINING OR COMPETITION It's 1-2 hours until you train or compete and this is the time to be eating an energizing snack like the 4P Gelatin Gummies. Not only is it a super easy recipe that is delicious, it has energizers to make sure your muscles...

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ET4P recipes fit into energy, protein, fat, and fibre recommendations for the athlete or active individual. As you know, the size of the athlete, the amount of energy they spend, and the physical goals they have will make their nutrition needs individualized.