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Introducing ET4P Accelerator®, the online sports nutrition course designed for busy superhumans on the move

💪 Gain Muscle

⚡ Get Energy

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FACT: Poor Diet Leads to Poor Performance on the Field and at Work.

Busy sports families often end up…

Low Energy

Fuel poorly and watch the competition pass you while you hit the wall.

Prone to Injury

Poor diets lead to injury, illness, and less consistency. Your #1 tool – your body – becomes unreliable.

Distracted & Unfocussed

Poor nutrition can lead to toxic levels of stress hormones, lowered mental focus, and decreased mood.

Looking for TRUSTWORTHY Sports Nutrition Guidance?

OK, HERE's What TO DO and not to do…

DO NOT equate “Sports Nutritionist” with Sports Dietitian. Licensed Sports Dietitians invest 6-8 years into their accredited education and post-graduate training, whereas Sports Nutritionists can get “certified” in 3-6 months.

DO NOT trust your pal “Google” for nutrition advice. Top search results are often large corporations selling supplements through the guise of education.

DO NOT trust your trainer for up-to-date nutrition advice. Just because someone is qualified to help you get in shape doesn't mean they're qualified to shape your diet for max performance.

DO… choose a comprehensive sports nutrition program, administered by credentialed Sports Dietitians, designed specifically to help athletes perform at a higher level. The ET4P Accelerator is scientifically-backed and has been proven to reduce injury, increase focus, and boost energy.

Every ET4P Coach you'll meet is a credentialed Sports Dietitian with at least 6 years of experience.

Our Cost-Effective Accelerator Program Is Scientifically Designed For…


Create great eating habits that will help you excel on and off the field.

Picky Eaters

Even our most “selective” students have discovered taste & nutrition aren't mutually exclusive.

Parents & Coaches

Invest in your athletes' most important equipment: a healthy body.

Get the Competitive Edge with Sports Nutrition Coaching & Training

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 The ET4P Accelerator Process

How we make high-performance nutrition training easy 

Learn What to Eat

Which foods boost your energy? Which foods build muscle most easily? What foods won’t slow you down on the field?

Get Professional Guidance

With the click of a button, you will be able to communicate with top sports dietitians.

Eat For Performance

Eat the right foods at the right time and you'll be a high performance eater in every situation for your own FOR LIFE.

In Just 3 Weeks, You'll Be Eating Like A Champion

Here's What You Get With

The ET4P Accelerator Experience

  That's Over $1,000 In Training Materials Designed by Certified Sports Dietitians

(For less than most parents spend on one piece of sports gear.)

You don't have to make pro athlete 💰💰💰 to eat like a pro athlete

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Invest In Your Health & Vitality

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If you are not satisfied with the course, we will give a full refund within 30 days of purchase on the condition that the course is completed and that you participate in a telephone call with us to share your experience.

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Here Are a Few ET4P Accelerator Success Stories…

“I thought ‘eating healthy’ WAS ‘eating for performance’ — wrong! Even when I was a national team athlete, I had no idea how important it was to eat the right foods at the right times and in the right portions.”


Elite Athlete

“I thought the video of you showing us how to make our own sports drink was the coolest thing. Your passion and willingness to put time aside to talk with each one of us made this experience very helpful and I learned a lot about my diet and what food/snacks maximize my potential in hockey.”


Elite Hockey Prospect

“He is asking me to help him prepare his breakfast and picking a snack recipe from your collection. He was having lunch at the school cafeteria today and texted me what energizer he should have :).”


Elite Athlete & Hockey Mom

Meet Your ET4P Sports Nutrition Coaches

Pearle Nerenberg

CEO & Founder, MSc. Sports Dietitian

Pearle Nerenberg is the founder and visionary behind the break-out sports nutrition brand Eat This for Performance. She is regarded as the leading expert in sports nutrition. Global TV, CBC, Hockey News, and le Journal de Montreal have all featured Pearle's work. Eat This for Performance graduates get Pearle's 4 simple and easy to implement steps to eating the right foods at the right time. Pearle believes you will live a much more energized life once you begin to eat for performance. She prides herself in simplifying the complex sports science into a few manageable steps.   Pearle is a unique sports dietitian who uses her advanced training by the International Olympic Committee, McGill University and Cornell University to both teach and empower her athletes.

Lindsay Harris

MHSc, Sports Dietitian

Lindsay uses her background in elite sport combined with her advanced academic training from Acadia University, Ryerson University, and the International Olympic Committee to connect with athletes, parents and coaches, and guide them to eat for performance in a simple and natural way. Lindsay has a rare background working with athletes who manage diabetes, which she uses to help athletes find a balance between eating for performance and living life to their fullest potential. Lindsay provides her athletes the wisdom of her personal experience of playing every sport she possibly could in her youth, and enjoying first hand the power of nutrition to change your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using the ET4P Accelerator Program over other nutrition programs?
The ET4P Accelerator Program was developed by leading sport dietitians who have consulted with literally hundreds of athletes from the professional, Olympic, collegiate and high school levels. Many other programs offer attractive marketing materials and claim quick fixes, but seldom yield sustainable results. The ET4P Accelerator Program is based on advanced research and best practices in the field of sport nutrition, all of which have shown lasting, scientifically-tested, scientifically-proven results. The concepts, strategies and challenges included in the ET4P-AP are those used by our sport dietitians in their individual sessions, giving users a “look behind the curtain” at the tools and techniques that have optimized the nutrition of our athletes for the last decade.
How long will I have access to ET4P-AP?
When you purchase this course, you will own the content and any updates for life!
What do I get for my purchase?

A single-user license gives users unlimited access to the EAT4P-AP and all of its resources for life. All updates to the content of the ET4P-AP—from additional videos, to new research and sources—are included in your purchase, so you will always have access to the latest version of this course. We ask only that every individual using the program purchase his or her own license. Please do not share your license with others. Team/organizational licenses are also available. Please contact us at for package prices, which will be determined by the size of the organization, and any additional resources you require.

Can multiple people in my household use the same account?
We kindly ask that each individual in the household use a separate, single-user license.
Can the program replace sport nutrition sessions?
Not entirely. The program educates users on many of the core concepts used in sport nutrition sessions, and utilizes many of the very same strategies dietitians use in their sessions with athletes. The concepts presented in the program are accessible and adaptable to the general needs of all athletes and the general demands of all sports, but getting individualized training directly from a sports dietitian is likely still the best way to improve your diet. The Eat this for Performance Online Accelerator Program, however, is a close second. In fact, many of our clients will use the ET4P-AP (and the challenges within it) to support the work they are doing with their sports dietitian. Note: the ET4P-AP is not designed to address or resolve any health concerns you may have.
How long is the program and how many hours of video are included?
The program is bite-sized so it is easy to finish. Amazingly, it includes over 100 pages of an interactive playbook, as well as over 150 minutes of instructional video. We have a lot of content, and our pledge to you is that we will continue to update it as we find additional tools and exercises that help our clientele improve their fuelling strategy.
How long will it take for me to go through the entire program?
That will vary from person to person. We’ve designed the program to allow users to move through the program at their own pace, so there is no precise timeline. We’d recommend, however, that you devote 15 minutes a day. Each module is a combination of instructional text, videos, and a quick challenge to test your skills. A 14 day timeframe should give users the time they need to get through the text and videos, complete the challenges, and most importantly, begin to apply what they’ve learned to their own training and competitions.
Is the program sport-specific or can any type of athlete use it?
The program is not specific to any one sport and is applicable to individuals of all athletic/performance backgrounds and skill levels. Each exercise is easily adaptable to any performance setting, and allows you to customize what you learn to the demands of your specific sport or activity.
How old do I have to be to use the program?
Athletes of all ages are welcome to use the ET4P-AP. However due to the fact that all of our content is aimed at youth and adults, athletes younger than 10 years old may find the videos less effective for their learning needs. We would encourage mom or dad to help walk these younger athletes through the program.
Is the program useful for coaches or parents?
Yes! Much of the program is directed specifically to athletes, but it includes tips for coaches and parents throughout.  Parents find this to be an excellent tool to prepare performance meals for their children and to watch the course along with them. Coaches find this to be a great tool to give them excellent ideas on how to best improve the nutrition of their team!


Remember: we offer a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee. We're that confident about our nutrition training programs!

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