Dearest athletes and athlete families, has social distancing been leaving you feeling a little stuck and out of routine? 

It is time to unleash the best 2 ways to move your sports progress forward.

Your season is not on pause.

There are two powerful actions you can take now to unpause your season.

#1. Take on learning sports nutrition for once and for all. The Eat This for Performance Sports Nutrition School is being opened up just for you during this difficult time.

#2. Practice your sports nutrition skills. You can do this by playing with food. Go make a PERFORMANCE SMOOTHIE, a PERFORMANCE OVO, or a PERFORMANCE BOWL and challenge your family and teammates to do the same. 

Join me and my family as we play with food daily. I’ll be cheering for you and celebrating your success, especially in our facebook group!

The letter that goes with this podcast has been published on the WHL website here.

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