SSM Episode 25

This episode dives back into the topic of body composition in sport that we started a few weeks ago. Some might say it is a touchy topic but as you will learn from Jason today, there is a lot of benefit to speaking up and sharing wisdom!

Coach Jason McCullagh is the Director of Athlete Performance at Conker Fitness and Founder/Co Owner of Mettle Sports Training . Coach McCullagh has been working with young athletes since he built the Strength and Conditioning Program for the Maverick Volleyball Club in Ottawa in 2005 and subsequently launched the brand Mettle Sports Training to support volleyball athletes more broadly.  While his focus was Volleyball athletes for many years, he also works with Soccer, Baseball and Hockey athletes on a regular basis. His approach is very much keeping things simple where every exercise has a reason to be there, no ‘fluff’. Coach McCullagh’s focus on building long term relationships and development strategies with athletes and their parents will improve performance, reduce injury potential and educate athletes at every touch point.

In this interview we get into some specific details about training and body composition for the teen athlete, we tackle the goal of training and how it relates to the athlete’s physique. We also get introduced to Jason’s philosophy on testing body composition and I have to say it is refreshing. As a former collegiate athlete who was body fat tested regularly I wish I had more of Jason’s approach. 

A confidence in body composition can support a confidence in an athlete on and off the field of play or the ice rink. To support our athletes this spring we are offering a 5 day coaching experience to map out their performance body. This does mean addressing the big discussion about body composition but I think you will find our approach and our philosophy to be a game changer. Go to to sign up for our Map Your Performance Body challenge kicking off the beginning of May.

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