SSM Episode 26

She texted me at 7:22 in the morning.

Margot – “Hi Pearle! Omg what a weekend! Elise’s team won the Dodge Cup :). Elise stood on her head in the finals and was awarded player of the game. She was in tears because it is her last year in youth hockey. A great way to finish! I’m exhausted – I feel like I played all weekend! 😂”

Me – “Wow! Amazing!!! Congrats Elise and hockey mom!”

Margot – “Thanks! Although I guess I’m not a hockey mom anymore 😞”

Here’s the thing, do we ever really stop being sport moms? All those practices, games, tournaments, cheers, tears, and life lessons, they define our life. So no, I don’t think we ever really stop and I will be learning from Margot as much as I can as my own children enter the world of sports. Today we celebrated a win in the game but also a win out of the game. Today we stopped for a moment and celebrated a moment that probably never gets to be celebrated, that of a sports mom who is witnessing the end of her child’s youth sports days.

Margot Lacoste happens to be making appearance #2 on the SSM podcast. Margot is a former dietitian turned full time mom (we should say Super Sports Mom). Margot has spent countless hours at the rink, field, and in the car traveling to sporting events. She has picked up a lot of tips along the way and on today’s episode she is looking back and sharing with you her special moment. Forward this episode to all moms and teens who are looking for a way to say these words to each other!

We also talk in this episode about our work we have been doing on a 14 day sports nutrition course. The ET4P course is online and created to be a fun quest through the world of sports nutrition. If you are looking for something different to do with your teen or pre-teen athlete that is both inspiring and educational then the ET4P fourteen day quest/course would be a great way to connect. Food is family and if the family eats for performance then the athlete is more likely to eat for performance and perform to their full potential! Go to to learn more.

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