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Episode 5, Getting Cut Unleashed
The Eat This for Performance podcast is evolving to become The Performance Games. Over the next several weeks you are witnessing the unleashing of the new podcast direction and the total commitment I have to creating a place for 11 to 16 year old athletes to find mentorship, support, and the best sports nutrition support possible.
You are getting to peak into the 4P Sports Nutrition School today. Every week inside of the school we are tackling important topics athletes face every season.
Today we spoke about tryouts and getting cut.
It’s every athlete’s worst nightmare for those who are competitive and have their sights set on 1 particular team. Getting cut stings and leaves a mark. However, it’s in those darkest moments of despair that many of the world’s greatest athletes have been forged.
If you are an athlete who will either tryout for a team, has been in a tryout or wants to heal from a devastating tryout situation, this episode is meant for you.
You and the athletes in the 4P Sports Nutrition School are getting to hear 2 very important messages and 2 stories of triumph AFTER getting cut.
Have a listen and then join us in the school if you want access to these incredible conversations!

🏆11 to 16 year old athletes are invited to join us in the 4P Sports Nutrition School in June > go here to find out more about the school
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Coach Pearle

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