What results are YOU after? A better math grade? Efficiency at work? Speed on the ice?

My name is Pearle Nerenberg. I’m a sports dietitian and the founder of Eat This For Performance, and today I’m digging into what you can do for a better performance. More specifically, how you can achieve that one result that is on your mind, whether you want to be winning more games, scoring more goals, or just getting stronger.

Now how do we usually measure our results? With grades! But let’s forget this idea that a low grade is bad and a high grade is good, and let’s start thinking about HOW to change our grades for the better, i.e. improve our performance. I’ve divided this into 4 simple steps:

  1. Look at what you are doing and find the missing piece. Is it education? Habit formation? Now how can you fill the gap?
  2. Evaluate your practice: Are you practicing the skills you need to get a good result?
  3. Measure the timing of your actions: Are you doing the right things at the right time?
  4. Find the accelerators: Once you have the basics down, what can you use to accelerate your results?

Here at it Eat This For Performance, we strongly believe that sports nutrition has a supporting role for all results. Looking at what foods are being consumed, how they’re being prepared, when they’re being eaten and whether supplementation is being considered is extremely important for all types of performance. To evaluate your athlete’s eating habits and sports nutrition expertise, take the quiz and find out what grade they’ve been given. Then use the information in this podcast to start working towards that A.

Another extremely important supporting role to success is parents. And right now we’re working hard to support our hockey parents. Check out the I am FIT Hockey Moms Revival Program, the greatest accelerator to have hockey mom feeling her fittest and most rejuvenated self for her hockey family.

Ready to eat for performance today, but not sure where to start? Join our weekly F-Games, our fun food game we play to eat one powerful food every week and one performance recipe.

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