SSM Episode #32

How to Carry Yourself Like an Athlete with Courtney King

When Courtney King saw her first hockey game she had only 6 words to say about it… “That’s what I want to do”. Fast forward a few decades and Courtney is now a sought after skating coach for hockey players near and far. She hails from Los Angelos which isn’t necessarily the first place you think of when you think hockey but clearly Wayne Gretzky legacy is in full effect. Her last name, King, is really a great fit (you’ll know why if you are a hockey buff!).

In today’s episode Courtney dives into her story and what led her to be a skating coach, or as she puts it “a skating teacher.” She shares her unique approach to teaching her art using all her skills – a background in dance, theatre and playing the great sport itself!

She dives deep into the elements of how to be a great athlete – those same principles that we are teaching here at ET4P in our online e-learning sports nutrition accelerator program ( for more details). Courtney gave us so many great ideas to chew on, here are just a few:

-Know what your body is actually doing and not what you think it is doing, often 2 different things

-Fuel yourself like a premium race car

-Do not play for approval of others

-Coaches and Parents tell your players “You should be proud of yourself, not I am proud of you”

-And, my favourite, find a way to unlock that superhuman inside of you – you may even need to hear a show-tune

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