Dt4P Episode #1 

Welcome to the Do This for Performance podcast! I am your host, Pearle Nerenberg. I am a sports dietitian, an entrepreneur, and performance obsessed. The Dt4P podcast is here to act as a tool for you to realize you own best in everything you do in life. Today I introduce the 7 pillars of performance, how you can create the life you desire, and how you can use your vision of your ultimate performance as the jumping off point to actually achieving it.

All great lives start with a vision and are realized by powerful actions on their way to being “great lives”. I want you to have powerful actions you can take after you listen to the Do This for Performance podcast. When you press play be listening for the actions you can take today.

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Eating for performance is one of the base pillars of performance and the Eat This for Performance community is here to support you to get your sports nutrition right and have fun doing making powerful food. Join the Eat This for Performance facebook group and play our weekly f-games for support, inspiration, and guidance.

If you are someone who loves talking about what it takes to have a top performance we’d love to have you on the podcast. Reach out!

All the best in your high performance life,

– Pearle

Founder of Eat This for Performance, Sports Dietitian, Mom of 2, and a former collegiate Athlete.

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