SSM Episode #31

What happens when you are passionate about your sport? You get the story of Neil.

Neil Blunden is a hockey coach, former elite hockey player and in general a hockey passionate person. Neil is an Assistant Coach with the McGill University Hockey Team and has been around the world as the Assistant Coach of the Serbian Men’s National Team, Director of Hockey Operations at HK Partizan – Belgrade, Serbia, Coordinator of Hockey Development at Selwyn House School right here in Westmount, QC, and Hockey Instructor in Zagreb, Croatia.

In this interview Neil teaches us what it takes to play out a hockey career without regrets. He provides us with amazing advice on becoming an elite athlete and what it takes. The #1 recommendation he lives by is to be passionate about your sport and it is more than just loving to play the game. So listen up to the nuances on this one! Neil gives us some insight into how to select a good camp for your athlete, how to be a great coach, and what scouts are actually looking for that is important to acknowledge.

One of the things we know elite coaches are looking for is a deep passion for your sport. If you are struggling to feel excited to do your sport perhaps you are missing something. We’d like you to first look at what you’re eating because it could be as simple as that. If you have great materials fuelling your brain you will be more excited to do everything. The link between what we eat and what we think is strong. But we won’t leave you hanging.

Here at Eat This for Performance we are spending 5 days with you to help you uncover your path to better fuelling for your sport. Better fuelling will help you with your energy levels, your fitness goals, and your mental game – all of these are your Performance Body. Go to to check out the Map Your Performance Body Challenge! 

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