SSM Episode #27

In this episode of the Super Sports Moms podcast, we dive into leadership, community and tracking devices with head university basketball coach Len Harvey. 

Len’s own story is a supreme example of how to raise a leader. Listen closely to the path he took to get to his position and the way he continues to work towards leadership excellence and you will uncover some of the secrets to raising a leader.

Harvey just finished his fourth season as the head coach of the Acadia Axewoman Basketball program. He has helped guide the team to the AUS playoffs all 4 seasons of his tenure, U Sports National #1 ranking, and back to back AUS Championships. Harvey was named the Carolyn Savoy Memorial Award Winner for 2018 as the AUS Coach of the Year. 

Harvey graduated from Acadia University in 2003 with a B.A, and completed his B.Ed. from C.B.U. in 2004. He went on to become a secondary school teacher for 8 years prior to becoming a full-time university head coach. 

A native of Baddeck, N.S., Harvey is more than familiar with Nova Scotia basketball and Atlantic University Sport, and has an array of coaching experience at the provincial and university level.

For Len, loving the game is one of the biggest things he looks for in his players. In this episode, Len gives his insight into the big question of what makes a great leader, and how your up-bringing can impact your leadership qualities. Listen up, and take Lens advice to leave a place better than you found it! 

In this interview we also discussed the big topic of tracking devices in sport and how they can impact your performance. Kicking off May 26th, we are diving into this topic further talking about what you should be tracking to get to your performance body. Go to to sign up for our Map Your Performance Body challenge! 

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