SSM Episode #11

In this episode I interview our scientist-turned-educator and 100% hockey mom, Christine Bell. I loved Christine’s interview because we brought up 2 important conversations: – The need to be split into 2 or 3 places, and one way she overcame this problem – What coaches could be focussed on to help make the program even better for our young athletes A bit about Christine… Christine received her PhD in neuroscience, with a focus on the neural basis of ingestive behavior – how brain cells relay information about sensing hunger or fullness and responding to it to make the right decision: eat or don’t eat. After her PhD and some post-doc work, she had both of her children, Nikko, now 10, and Anja, 7, both of whom play hockey. Christine left science to spend more time with her kids and pursued and other passion in education, where she has been ever since. She is now currently a professor of biology, and weaves her knowledge of biomechanics, cellular biochemistry and physiology, and micro nutrition into how she prepares her kids for sport as well as school. This episode was hosted by Pearle Nerenberg, the founder of Eat This for Performance – home of the Confident Athlete. Go grab our free performance foods guide:

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