Season 3 Unleashed Episode 3

It is May, 2020 and as we look ahead to the coming months in sports we are uncertain about many things in our future. But one thing is very certain, there are some of the greatest athletes in the world who are readying themselves for that future.

I knew this back in March when the lockdown first came to my town. I also knew that many athletes would be searching for the best ways to get ready. I looked at the online sports nutrition course I had built for young athletes and I just couldn’t let the program sit behind closed doors… so I opened them – wide open. FREE sports nutrition education. Oh yes! Over 1000 athletes jumped on the opportunity in April and many of them flew through the materials.

Then, they started to ask the right question, what’s next? Well, this program was only every meant to be step 1… Level 1. What was next was Level 2 of course. But was ready? Not really. Did I have a single spare minute to open up a new program… barely. But I did it anyways.  I built a Sports Nutrition School (while homeschooling my kids).

It’s been a HAAAARD month of April. Go listen to my awesome attempts at delivering quality podcasts in the past month if you want a good chuckle.. 

So now, I thought it would be fitting to offer some behind the scenes about this new direction of Eat This for Performance. In this podcast you will get to know me better, the story of Eat This for Performance, what is next and what I will be leaving behind.

I hope you reach out and share your journey with me. Just by listening to this podcast you support my journey.. and I hope we can continue to build this sports nutrition vision together.

Pearle Nerenberg is a sports dietitian from Montreal, Quebec Canada. She is the CEO and founder of Eat This for Performance and she has coached thousands of athletes on how to eat for performance and unleash their true potential. Visit her website at

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