Introducing the most inspirational coach in the hockey world: Vince Malts. I’m not kidding. He truly believes and constantly strives to be the MOST inspirational coach in the hockey world. As a former professional hockey player, mindset coach, and now owner of bloodline hockey, he completely understands what it takes to be a high performing hockey player. But nothing taught him that more than becoming a father himself. Having children not only gave him a new appreciation and understanding of his hockey family, but it also shaped how he shows up for them.

Coach Vinny Malts has been at the forefront of incorporating mindset development through sport. He has been named the Student of the Year from the Mindset Performance Institute for his outstanding work with youth athletes. Vince Malts has coached at the professional and amateur level for over 20 years. He has been featured as a speaker for the USHL, USA Hockey, The Roger Neilson Coaching Clinic,  Union College and many others. He is also the host of the Roger Neilson Coaches Podcast.

After 10 years of playing minor pro hockey, Coach Vince decided to follow his passion for coaching and mentoring players. He has been fortunate to have coached at the ECHL, EJHL and Tier I U18/U16/U14 levels. Coach Malts has helped build some of the strongest youth hockey programs around the country. He has experience of building successful programs at every level/stage of development.

His professional playing journey began in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for the Hull Olympiques, where he was drafted by the Vancouver Canucks.

His head coaching journey began over 10 years ago under the mentorship of the Legacy Global Sports family, which is the largest professional youth hockey organization around the world. Since beginning his coaching journey, Coach Vince has helped develop and place players into the National Hockey League, NCAA Division I/III, Canadian Hockey League & the United States Hockey League programs. He has helped to build some of the top ranked teams in the country including a Tier I National Championship.

Coach Vince is a certified USA Hockey Level 4 Coach, Mindset Performance Institute Ambassador, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and International Youth Conditioning Association Specialist.

In this interview, Vince describes his holistic approach to coaching hockey. Spoiler alert! It involves identifying what you need to work on and knowing who to go to for help or guidance. His Mantra: I am what I do. “I do” being an acronym that stands for identify, direct and own. An incredibly powerful message he makes sure all his hockey players understand and apply to themselves.

Part of the reason Vince considers himself to be such a high performer is because he is committed to certain aspects of his life, which he refers to as his “non-negotiables” – one of them being nutrients. He says it is extremely important to him to know what he is putting in his body and whether or not it is boosting his performance. And when he says performance, he means that in every aspect of his life: supporting his hockey family, coaching, parenting, you name it.

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