One Surprising Way Athletes Trained During Lock-Down - Eat This for Performance

Episode 5 of Season 3: UNLEASHED

Calling all athletes. What do you eat before your competition? And if you think now, during a sports shut-down you are far from needing to think about this then I have important news for you. Your competition is thinking about their pre-competition meal… and they will be coming for you!

Today’s episode surprised me but it shouldn’t have. There are 4 key messages about the pre-competition meal that surface you will want to hear.

You also get to hear from the mentor athletes who have been working behind the scenes to lead the next generation of athletes to figure out something that has eluded our youngest athletes until now.

That is, how to understand sports nutrition and ACTUALLY follow the advice.

You will first get to meet Alex Rauter, a professional Hockey player with the ECHL’s Indy Fuel.

Then Morgan, a AAA high school senior hockey player, Victoria, an Elite Volleyball player and the passionate Jordan Burgess a trainer in Montreal, Quebec.

This episode is the defining moment for the Unleashed season of this podcast. The 4P Sports Nutrition School is being Unleashed before your eyes and I am inviting you to peak behind the curtain as you listen in.

If you have not heard, there is a new sports nutrition performance enhancer on the block, but it’s not what you think.. It’s a full on, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, school with competitive games, next level sports nutrition guidance, and a path to become a great leader.

Today you will hear from the mentors inside our school as we tackle the undeniably important pre-competition fuelling zone.

Have a listen and you can bet me and the students in the 4P Sports Nutrition School will be practicing our pre-competition meals – even during this non-competitive down time.

🏆11 to 16 year old athletes are invited to join us in the 4P Sports Nutrition School in June > go here to find out more about the school

🌟U10 athletes can participate in the free Super Sports Nutrition Kid’s Kitchen Club opening up in June (more details coming via email so jump on my email notifications!)

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To you success,

Coach Pearle

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