SSM Episode #18

It all started with an injury and through this injury Julie Felbar finds yoga. In this interview we review how yoga can be a game changer for athletes. Julie is the owner of yoga 4 hockey ( 

She discusses the importance of discerning between the different types of yoga, she clears up that there are 2 qualities to absolutely look for in your sports yoga specialist, and she reviews the 2 ways athletes can use yoga today to improve their game today.  

We both agree you should not wait until you are injured to take action. Learn from us! Injuries happen when you do not take care of your body and we have some new science to share with you that could help you take care of your body better along with a functional training program that includes yoga. It’s more fun than you know! Hop on over to and grab our mini-course on gelatin. We purposely hide our mini-courses as they are reserved for the members of our Champions sports nutrition coaching program, so take advantage of our gift, it’s priced at $11 to make sure you can get this valuable tool for a fraction of the price of a private professional session. Again, that is

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