SSM Episode #19

Julie Boyer is a local emergency medical doctor and Super Sports Mom. She is the mom of 3 athletic children and is a bit of a local hockey legend herself. 

Today we talk very respectfully about what Julie has learned in her years as a parent and a coach and one thing you can do that she wished she had done more of. 

We delve into the role of coaches in the development of the athlete and how to handle tryouts from the parents perspective as it is not the same as the kids perspective. She share 2 very revealing stories of triumph after being cut from a team.

In today’s winning culture we are tasked with figuring out what truly is a win because it is not always what we see on the scoreboard. A winning mentality can start with what you put in your body and we have your sports nutrition covered here at Eat This for Performance. The research on vitamin D is showing very strong evidence that supplementation may be an important part of many diets. Go to to get all of the current information that you can be using to make supplementation decisions. 

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