SSM Episode #20

Nicole Woodard is the owner and founder of Mobility Physical Therapy LLC – athletic and active people listen up! Nicole offers her quality care to athletes online – what?! You can get virtual therapy and she breaks down her 4 part framework to keeping you injury free in this podcast. Nicole invites you to check her out on her website and blog: as well as join her facebook group where she will give you a free assessment of an exercise upon entry

Nicole is Mrs Joyful and lights up everyone she touches with her warmth and enthusiasm. We were lucky to have this tri-athlete, cross-fitter, entrepreneur, and super mom on the SSM podcast today. 

In this episode we learned a very important piece of info on injury prevention and why we are potentially wasting our limited resources.

Nicole also highlights the  #1 thing you should be doing with your kids to get them ready for sport and an active life.

Of course injury prevention is one of our goals here at eat this for performance and we can be preventing illness and injury when we eat for performance and avoid deficiency. Right now there is a very good chance you are vitamin D deficient, but before you go grab a supplement you would be wise to grab our vitamin D mini-course and you can get all of the scientific updates on this powerful vitamin. Go to

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