SSM Episode #4

Did you ever tell your mom “Thank You” and really mean it from the bottom of your heart in the way they really deserved to be told thank you. I had not done this until today. It’s one of those things that I realize was way out of balance now that I am a mom. Super Sports Moms, you do sooo much for your kiddos and I wonder if you ever get a really deep meaningful “thank you”?? This is a great episode to have on in the car so all the family can hear what it takes to really be grateful. – Welcome to the SUPER SPORTS MOM podcast, a place for all moms of mini and mighty athletes, to get support and insights into the world of sports. This is your place to learn, grow and laugh. I am a sports dietitian, former-elite athlete and newbie sports mom inviting you to adventure together! This podcast is sponsored by Eat This for Performance – the home of Champions.

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