Valmie Ouellet has spent a lifetime involved in soccer. Since her tender youth growing up kicking a ball with no shoes on a dirt field with the boys of South Africa Valmie has made sports and the love of soccer her calling. Valmie has been a soccer player, soccer coach, technical director, and a TV analyst for a major sports network here in Quebec. Currently Valmie is the Head Coach for Pierrefonds Soccer Association and oversees all player and coaching development. 

It is people like Valmie whom I admire tremendously because they are trail blazers and road pavers. Were it not for those who have come before us where would we be today? I think about this a lot. 

Girls and women have a tremendous place in sport. But look around you. In just about every sport you will see how easy it is to dismiss females from the game. As you might sense, part of my vision of sport is a vision of equality. I do see a world where a girl is a girl who loves sport and not automatically a tomboy. I do see a world where women sit at the table in a prominent place in professional sport.

There is a reason why the founding name of this podcast is Super Sports Moms – to acknowledge in the best way I know how that women are behind every single great athlete. In this interview we dig into the difference between coaching girls versus boys and the best parenting line I have ever heard. Period. Hint, hint, I tease it in the first seconds of the podcast!

Valmie brings us her many years of wisdom and some insights I will hold dear as I raise my own children to be upstanding active people. Have a listen and if you like what you are hearing please give us a great rating to share these messages with more listeners!

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