Have you ever wondered, what is the One Thing you can do to make you and your child better performers?

My name is Pearle. I am a sports dietitian, the founder of Eat This For Performance, and a former elite level athlete. In the early years of my hockey career, I struggled to conquer my technical weaknesses, and didn’t know what to focus on to up my game.

In this episode, learn how I discovered the power of the One Thing, and how you can apply it to your own performance goals.

The One Thing is actually a book written by Gary W. Keller. Consider it to be a guide to being your most productive self. Join me as I discuss the 3 main concepts that appeared in the book that I know helped me become the best hockey player, business owner and mother I can be. (Hint: it involves planning your vacation time before anything else…you’re gonna want to hear this).

Use these techniques towards your own performance goals and explore this concept when you are developing your skills such as time blocking tasks with a focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

If there’s one thing you do today (haha), review this podcast and tell us YOUR One Thing you do for performance. Share with us your strengths and weaknesses, and know that at Eat This For Performance we have the tools to support you in your performance goals.

To make performance eating part of mastering your One Thing, take your first step now by downloading the ET4P StarterKit.

To get to nutrition mastery faster, check out the ET4P meal plans and online course.

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