It’s been a while since I shared a podcast. Trust me, I have been busy creating some amazing content. But nothing is more deeply personal and real than sharing audio recordings – in fact, in this audio I am at home practicing social distancing with my 2 young kids. You might laugh a little at what comes out of their mouths… I know they are making me laugh and cry almost hourly.

Now, in our time of need I am reaching out through a podcast to share my reality and to ask for your help. I’d like to get the ball rolling on a project called “The Positive Power of 2 People”.

This is a call to you to both SHARE an action that will support you and SHARE an action that will support another person in your life. Read about how it can work here:

Feel free to tag me @eatthisforperformance or email me at [email protected] to share your actions and to lift up another person in your life.

Here at Eat This for Performance I will be asking 2 people to share the Sports Nutrition School with 2 athletes in their life – and asking those 2 athletes to share with 2 more athletes, etc. I am excited to see how far 2 people can reach!

P.S. If you are looking for information on my Sports Nutrition School go to

Pearle Nerenberg is the founder of the Sports Nutrition School and Meal Planning Program, Eat This for Performance. She is a registered sports dietitian in Montreal, Quebec Canada and a mom of 2!

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