SSM Episode #34

Barbara sets the tone for what it means to be a passionate sports mom and advocate for the health and fitness industry. Through her blog, Modern Sports Mom, she has built and inspired a community committed to what she calls the principle of performance as a sports mom: the willingness to make sacrifices in order for children to reach their goals.

In this interview, Barbara modernizes the stereotype of the typical sports parent, and enforces the idea that “Super Sports Mom” can mean something different for everyone. 

She also emphasizes that you don’t need to have a background in sport to be a great sports parent, and it certainly will not come naturally at first. Her advice? Get to know the sport and find a support system. Barbara has worked extremely hard to unite people in sport and build a community who understands the pressure and nerves that one experiences as they watch their child step up to the plate for the first time, and for some, maybe every time after that.

It is important to note that behind every success story, there is a parent. And performance eating is just as important for moms as it is for children. Barbara breaks her eating habits down to one simple notion: eat the way that makes you feel better. Eating for performance can be as simple as that. 

This episode brings an end to the Super Sports Mom season. But stay tuned! The next season will put a whole new spin on what it takes to truly perform at your best when we launch the first season of Do This for Performance!

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