“There’s always room for salad”….so my parents repeatedly told me growing up. Although it seems like such a simple notion, this one repeated salad-eating behaviour had one of the biggest influences on my underlying respect for my parents, even during my “too cool for you” phase (you know the one…we’ve all been through it). I now realize why this had such a big effect on me.

In this episode, I uncover the 6 most powerful influences a human being has on someone else’s eating habits; positive and negative. From rewarding behaviours, to modelling and guiding…what works? And what should we stop doing? Tune in to find out!

If you are a parent, coach, or just someone who cares about an athlete’s performance, this one’s for you. Understanding how to create a positive influence for someone is so important. We should all constantly be asking ourselves: “Why am I doing this? and “How I can be doing it better and faster?”

Here at Eat This For Performance we guide you through these tough food conversations with your young athletes, using science as our backbone. We strongly encourage you to share your experiences and continue the conversation, and we’ll help you to get ahead in the performance world.

Want your athlete to really understand how to fuel their performance? In the ET4P Accelerator Program, I explain the sports nutrition with you. This basics training will take you no more than 90 mins to fully understand most of what you can tell your athlete.

For our hockey moms, we have something even more special for you: our upcoming 10-week health and fitness rejuvenation program to get you feeling renewed and in control of your life. The course name, I AM F.I.T., stands for “fit and inspired together.” Because we’re all doing this program together and will be providing daily inspiration to feel energized and beautiful, inspire others, and live vibrantly. Before we launch, be an early bird hockey mom to show your interest and help us shape this program around you.

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