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If you're an athlete looking to…


⚡ Get Energy

👁️ Get Noticed

then you probably already know what you eat can make you unstoppable or can take you down.

FACT: Poor Diet Leads to Poor Performance and Missed Opportunities.

Athletes often end up…

Low Energy

Fuel poorly and watch the competition pass you while you hit the wall.

The Fix: Eat for Peformance

Focus on the right type of fuel for your sport and watch your energy levels soar.

Prone to Injury

Poor diets lead to injury, illness, and less consistency. Your #1 tool – your body – becomes unreliable.

The Fix: Eat for Peformance

Learn to time powerful foods throughout your day and recover faster.

Distracted & Unfocussed

Poor nutrition can lead to toxic levels of stress hormones, lowered mental focus, and decreased mood.

The Fix: Eat for Peformance

Learn how to process foods to master the food-brain connection.

Even though the reasons to eat for performance are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.


Perhaps you have tried to eat “healthier” lately or you’ve looked up what Chia Seeds actually are on google.

If you are really brave perhaps you’ve even tried eating a vegetable you previously hated.

Here’s why most young athletes fail in EATING FOR PERFORMANCE:

Without a super clear, step-by-step path that is actually fun to try, most athletes will get lost in 5 seconds googling sports nutrition.

And, usually, even if a young athlete tries something new, they will struggle to connect what they ate to their performance.

Here is why this is irreversibly crippling.

Athletes will start to believe that changing their diet is not important to their success. Ouch.

And the moment that an athlete starts to really believe that what they eat doesn't matter, it becomes increasingly hard to recover. Some athletes go their whole career unable to figure out sports nutrition and never tapping into their full potential, or worse, they end up injured… Unfortunately for some athletes those injuries have been career ending.

Therefore, investing in your sports nutrition early in life is a process we cannot leave to chance. We need to get it right the first time.

And luckily for you who want to get ahead of your competition, there are actually VERY FEW athletes who are doing it right.

In all likelihood, your competition have either found misleading sports nutrition advice or have failed to connect their diet with their performance in a meaningful way.

Which means…

You can easily get a competitive advantage by implementing a few tweaks to your diet.

That is… if you can avoid the same performance lowering mistakes that your competitors are making.

(and how to guarantee you won’t)

Reason 01


(or worse, not calling food anything)

Following Sports Nutrition guidelines isn’t super complicated. But when life gets busy, oh baby, it can feel impossible…

What do I do when my team goes to a fast food restaurant? What do I eat when I don’t like what I am being asked to eat?

These are just some of the barriers you will need to overcome to eat for performance.

Most athletes feel guilty about the “bad” foods they eat and have no idea how to start enjoying the “good” foods they think they should be eating. But the thing is, you can’t treat sports nutrition like a disney movie where good is fighting evil for a happy ending – food is not “good” or “bad”, all food has power… an understanding of the main power each food provides the body will guide the athlete to choose the powers that will align with their desired performance – or fairytale ending 🏆.

This does not mean you need to memorize science terms or get a degree in nutrition. You need to know that you can focus on building meals from a short list of foods within certain powers. You can understand A LOT of the sports science by knowing foods' powers and targeting getting them into your diet.

Time to respect sports nutrition for what it is – a short list of foods to TARGET – athletes just need to learn how to aim.

Reason 02


(and timing food wrong)

The #1 misguided belief athletes have is that they need to eat healthy foods. But what does this even mean?

Should I eat more carrots? How about an extra large salad.. Um hold the dressing maybe?? How about gluten and dairy? 

And on and on it goes… you will have so many of these types of questions.

But what most athletes will fail to realize is that timing is JUST as important as WHAT is eaten.

Without a fundamental understanding of WHEN to eat, most athletes will continue to confuse healthy eating with performance eating. We need to STOP calling foods healthy and start eating powerful foods ON TIME instead.

This idea is simple and revoluntionary. The Performance Eating guidelines are the first step to mastering sports nutrition. Are you ready to take step 1?

Reason 03


(but playing games is!)

Many athletes feel practicing their sport is not as fun as competing but it doesn’t make practices optional.

Imagine the results of an athlete who NEVER practices their sport BUT who reads a lot of books about their sport and plays the video game version of their sport…

We know this ends badly. The athletes who practice their sport ALWAYS beat the athletes who do nothing.

So why in the world would your diet be any different? Do you really believe that reading a blog about protein needs or making 1 pre-game meal recipe one time will be enough to set you apart?

No, it won’t be enough.

But it's not our athletes fault they aren't practicing…

Nobody is asking them to!

Is this you? Athlete eats (or not) what is put in front of them unaware of their role in the process. Then they go play their sport – no thought about the impact of what they ate on their performance.

We need to start creating spaces in which to practice sports nutrition exactly like we create spaces and gyms to train for our sport.

A place to Practice, Adjust, Practice, Adjust, Practice, Adjust, Practice, Adjust…. Then Hit that COMPETITION CRUSHING TOP PERFORMANCE. 😎

But here’s the kicker – we can still practice at home right now. And, playing with food happens to be a fun activity for ALL young kids. Why does that need to change with age??

Why not make food into a FUN game?

When athletes make practicing food a FUN game, a flip is switched for life, and the strongest execution of a performance diet becomes possible.

Now I am going to let you in on the UNFAIR SECRET OF THE ELITES

Even though sports nutrition is a HUGE game changer – very few are actually getting good advice.

Only a few athletes will get game changing RESULTS, while many will wonder what the heck they’re doing wrong.

And the main reason for this, as you likely know, is that while the access to nutrition information is FREE and virtually unlimited…

The challenge to EFFECTIVELY USE nutrition information to get results is very high.

Except when you have an evidence-based step by step path to avoid the common mistakes, you can walk into any situation and come out a Champion.

You can become a Champion who eats for a top performance and knows exactly how to use their diet to gain the greatest performance advantage possible.

Now, unless you come from a family who can afford it, most athletes today are figuring out their nutrition through massive trial and error before they finally get coaching from a sports dietitian late in their athletic career – or never 😥. 

… it’s unfair and elitist. And a young athlete who is breaking into their sport should not have to wait.

With your permission, I’d love to take you to a place where access to TOP SPORTS NUTRITION GUIDANCE IS POSSIBLE.

A place where athletes become Champions in Sports Nutrition, eating for performance is made into a fun game, and young athletes can finally get their hands on the sports nutrition knowledge they need – all in one place.




Our Cost-Effective 4 Week Habit Blitzes are Scientifically Designed to…

Grow Your Leadership Skills

Create great eating habits that will help you excel on and off the field.

Empower You with Supreme Confidence

Even our most “selective” students have discovered tasty ways to eat for performance.

Build a Successful Mindset

A leaderboard, food games, and weekly check-ins keep everyone on track.

Get the Competitive Edge with Sports Nutrition Coaching & Training

The 4P Sports Nutrition School

We make high-performance nutrition easy

Learn What to Eat

Which foods boost your energy? Which foods build muscle most easily? What foods won’t slow you down on the field?

Get Professional Guidance

With the click of a button, you will be able to communicate with top sports dietitians.

Eat For Performance

Eat the right foods at the right time and you'll be a high performance eater in every situation for your own FOR LIFE.

In Just 3 Weeks, You'll Be Eating Like A Champion, and by week 4 you will be realizing a new level of potential

Here's What You Get When You

Enroll in Sports Nutrition School

  That's Over $1,000 In Training Materials Designed by Certified Sports Dietitians

(For less than most parents spend on one piece of sports gear.)

In 4 weeks you will get mentored to complete quick training vidoes and practice using your new knowledge. We start you with a live kick-off call and we'll guide you on your unique experience from there. A highlight of the 4 weeks is a LIVE sports kitchen session where you get to cook with us and hone your skills in the your high performance kitchen. 

Listen to our Athlete Mentors Describe the School

You don't have to make pro athlete 💰💰💰 to eat like a pro athlete

Enrollment is Open!
Invest In Your Future Now

Select Your Preferred Payment Plan to Unlock Immediate Access to Your Favourite Online Sports Nutrition World


If you are not satisfied with the program, we will give a full refund within 7 days of purchase on the condition that the kick-off call is attended, the program is attempted and that you participate in a telephone call with us to share your experience.

Here is a sample of our fave student's Success Stories…

“Before starting Level 1 of my Quest, I went through workouts without knowing how to properly fuel my body, but I was intrigued on how I could enhance my performance through sports nutrition. Not only was this course super fun to complete, but I now know how I can get an edge up on my competitors just by being more diligent in my eating habits. I learned a lot through my experience in the ET4P Level 1 Quest, but there’s still lots to learn and I’m excited to be starting Level 2 soon!”


Elite Athlete

“Ok let me just say that doing this whole nutrition class has showed me how much I love performance bowls.

Like seriously I had one again today.”


Elite Athlete

My favorite part of the school was being able to expand my knowledge even more, such as watching the pre-competition videos and the other level 2 videos. For the arena I liked being able to see other people's ideas and share some of your ideas. It was really helpful to hear new ideas. The F-games was cool to explore new recipes and to have to include new things inside of the meals.”


Elite Athlete

Meet Your ET4P Sports Nutrition Coach

Pearle Nerenberg

CEO & Founder, MSc. Sports Dietitian

Pearle Nerenberg is the founder and visionary behind the break-out sports nutrition brand Eat This for Performance. She is regarded as the leading expert in sports nutrition. Global TV, CBC, Hockey News, and le Journal de Montreal have all featured Pearle's work. Eat This for Performance graduates get Pearle's 4 simple and easy to implement steps to eating the right foods at the right time. Pearle believes you will live a much more energized life once you begin to eat for performance. She prides herself in simplifying the complex sports science into a few manageable steps.   Pearle is a unique sports dietitian who uses her advanced training by the International Olympic Committee, McGill University and Cornell University to both teach and empower her athletes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of joining the 4P Sports Nutrition School over other nutrition programs?

The 4P Sports Nutrition School was developed by leading sport dietitians who have consulted with literally hundreds of athletes from the professional, Olympic, collegiate and high school levels. Other programs offer attractive marketing materials and claim to tell you what to eat, but are often too advanced for young athletes OR are too rigid and they disengage the young mind quickly. The 4P program is based on advanced research and best practices in the field of sport nutrition, all of which have shown lasting, scientifically-tested, scientifically-proven results. The concepts, strategies and challenges included in the 4P program are those used at the Olympic and Pro athlete level when regular individual sessions are possible. A supportive community surrounds the athlete. The game we play inside the school makes it fun to achieve milestones. This program is unparalleled! 

How long will I have access to the courses?

When you purchase access to enroll in the school you will get access to the courses you unlock so long as you are member in good standing.

Monthly Membership – no matter when you purchase your monthly access you will have access for the entire month following your purchase. For example if you purchase a 1 month access on May 20th you will have access to the course materials until the end of June. In this scenario the access to our community and coaching will only start in June however.

6 Month Membership – no matter when you purchase your 6-month access you will have access for the entire 6 months following your purchase PLUS the days prior to the start of the next session. For example if you purchase a 6 month access on May 20th you will have access to the course materials until the end of November PLUS the days from May 20 – June 1. In this scenario the access to our community and coaching would start in June.

If you deactivate your membership you will lose access to the course materials and all updates.

What do I get for my purchase?

A single-user license gives users unlimited access to the 4P Sports Nutrition School and all of its course materials and community support.

You get step by step short videos to watch anytime, recordings of live sessions, and a community place to post and get coaching we call our Arena. This platform is private and stricktly monitored for safety of our athletes information.

All updates to the content of the courses from additional videos, to new research and sources—are included in your purchase, so you will always have access to the latest version of this course during your time.

We ask only that every individual using the program purchase his or her own license. Please do not share your license with others.

Team/organizational licenses are also available. Please contact us at for package prices, which will be determined by the size of the organization, and any additional resources you require.

Can multiple people in my household use the same account?

We kindly ask that each eligible athlete enroll in school in the exact same way you would enroll in any sports camp or school program.

There are individual outreaches we provide to mentor each athlete on an individual basis.

That being said, there will be many food challenges that siblings will be able to engage in together and help each other out with.

Can the program replace sport nutrition sessions?

Not entirely. The program educates students on many of the core concepts used in sport nutrition sessions, and utilizes many of the very same strategies dietitians use in their sessions with athletes. The concepts presented in the program are accessible and adaptable to the general needs of all athletes and the general demands of all sports, but getting individualized training directly from a sports dietitian is likely still the best way to get specific advice. The Eat this for Performance Online 4P Sports Nutrition School, however, is a close second.

In fact, the path we encourage our athletes to take is by age. Start out as one of our Super Kids in our Sports Nutrition Kids Club. At 10 years old you can apply to be an early addition to the 4P Sports Nutrition School. At 11 years old you can join school. Our school offers 11 to 16 year old athletes a place to transition and explore their best performance with food. Athletes who have graduated from our school can then become mentors in the school. Our mentors get private support from our sports dietitians.

Note: The 4P Sports Nutrition School is not designed to address or resolve any health concerns you may have. Clinical nutrition services are reserved for private sessions and may be restricted to be provided by registered sports dietitians in your area.

How many hours will I need to spend in a week?

This program runs in 4 week spurts and is a combination of live engagments and self-paced learning and practicing.

Every week should require the athlete to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour total per week to keep up with Live sessions and communications.

The course material learning is self-paced so any amount of time devoted is up to the student. The Sports Nutrition School has 3 Levels of Sports Nutrition Mastery. Each level has a different amount of learning.

Level 1 includes 35 short videos (average of 5 minutes each).  New athletes will be encouraged to finish Level 1 and start Level 2 within their first 4 weeks of enrollment in the school.

Level 2 includes 15 short videos (average of 7 minutes each). Level 2 is to be explored over 6 months as it is a habit formation training program. In Level 2 course time is reduced in favour of practicing food prep skills.

Level 3 is currently only available as live individual or small group workshops for those who are ready (average of 1 hour sessions).

Keeping up during a 4 week blitz is very doable and will give the athlete back TIME, MOTIVATION, and ENERGY in their day to become a more efficient and powerful athlete!

Here is a quick view of the May program calendar:

May 2020 Sports Nutrition Menu from Eat This for Performance Sports Nutrition School

How long will it take for me to go through the entire program?

That will vary from person to person. We’ve designed the program to allow students to move through the program at their own pace, so there is no precise timeline.

We’d recommend, however, that you spend 6 months in our school to see the same amazing results our top athletes (and their families) have realized.

Level 1 is a combination of instructional text, videos, and quick challenges to test your skills. A 14 day timeframe should give students the time they need to get through the text and videos and complete the challenges.

Level 2 asks the student to get their hands “dirty” and practice their sports nutrition skills. It is crucial the athlete begin to apply what they’ve learned to their own training and competitions. This process takes time, but is the most rewarding!

Level 3 is available to those athletes who are ready. We aim to meet each individual where they are at in their journey. If they are wanting to talk supplements and nutritional science we will do it. If they are more interested in the art of cooking we will support advancement of those skills in the cooking school. 

Even though this is a group program we are very attentive to the individual needs of our students.

Is the program sport-specific or can any type of athlete use it?
The program is not specific to any one sport and is applicable to individuals of all athletic/performance backgrounds and skill levels. Each exercise is easily adaptable to any performance setting, and allows you to customize what you learn to the demands of your specific sport or activity.
How old do I have to be to use the program?

Athletes of all ages are welcome to use our framework. However, due to the fact that all of our content is aimed at teens, athletes younger than 11 years old may find the videos less effective for their learning needs. Athletes older than 16 will find they need access to Level 3 content right away and will need to progress too quickly through school for our younger athletes.

We encourage 10 year olds to apply on their own if they feel they are ready for school. We would like all 11 to 16 year old atheltes to simply sign up here. And we would encourage 17 year old and older athletes to apply to become a mentor which grants them access to the school for life and Level 3 support.

Is the program useful for coaches or parents?

Yes! Parents find this to be an excellent tool to prepare performance meals for their children and to watch the course along with them. Coaches find this to be a great tool to give them excellent ideas on how to best improve the nutrition of their team! 

The problem in our current sports nutrition landscape is that many athletes look for TRUSTWORTHY Sports Nutrition Guidance in all the wrong places.

OK, HERE's What TO DO and not to do…

DO NOT equate “Sports Nutritionist” with Sports Dietitian. Licensed Sports Dietitians invest 6-8 years into their accredited education and post-graduate training, whereas Sports Nutritionists can get “certified” in 3-6 months.

DO NOT trust your pal “Google” for nutrition advice. Top search results are often large corporations selling supplements through the guise of education.

DO NOT trust your trainer for up-to-date nutrition advice. Just because someone is qualified to help you get in shape doesn't mean they're qualified to shape your diet for max performance.

DO… choose a comprehensive sports nutrition program, administered by credentialed Sports Dietitians, designed specifically to help athletes perform at a higher level. The 4P Sports Nutrition School advice is scientifically-backed and has been proven to reduce injury, increase focus, and boost energy.


Remember: we offer a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee. We're that confident about our nutrition training programs!