Turmeric: 2 Superpowers You Need To Know for Athletes

We set out to explain what superpowers this superfood has for athletes. 

Why care about turmeric?

As an athlete, you want to eat foods to power your performance! Turmeric is one of our superfoods on the Eat 4 Performance Foods List. Whether you prefer to add it to your tea or soup, learning to incorporate this superpowered food will help you in your goal towards peak performance. With athletes wanting to reach peak performance, we set out to explain what superpowers this superfood has. Listen up! As this superfood can help recover better and build bones!


#1 Superpower of Turmeric

Bug-eyed stressed out people – do you want to give them something to calm down? Next time think of turmeric. This radioactive coloured root, most often sold as a powder contains superpowers that reduce the body's reaction to stress – less inflammation = less stress. YOU’RE WELCOME! But seriously, this superfood has the potential to reduce inflammation and improve recovery from exercise causing sore muscles, something most athletes are looking for!



#2 Superpower of Turmeric

What do bridges, parents, and bones have in common? They are all supporting something or someone! But in order for bones to support someone they need superpowers. I am talking about structural superpowers of course. The kind of strong structures that leave you feeling like you can jump high and reach farther to hit your goals.

Physically that looks like having enough manganese – not to be confused with magnesium! Manganese is used to form bone collagen and lay down minerals on the bone which it needs to be strong. Why do we continuously need to consume manganese? Because bone is in constant remodeling, meaning the skeleton you had when you were 20 is almost entirely different from your 30-year-old skeleton. And what amazing food is an amazing source of this superpower? Turmeric! This bright yellow food contains about 25% of your daily manganese in one tiny teaspoon!

As an athlete, eating a variety of foods from the Eat 4 Performance (E4P) Food List will help you eat for performance. Turmeric is an immunity enforcing superfood on the E4P Food List, however it has other superpowers as we discussed above. Turmeric can be enjoyed in teas, soups and smoothies, or added to vegetables and grains






Not sure how to use tumeric? 

Try these Turmeric and Blueberry Muffins! 

This recipe was designed to be eaten 1-2 hours before activity. Check out our other Energizer recipes here. 

How do you use Turmeric? Let us know in the comments!

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